When the IRS began seizing assets of a man in Boston who owed $600,000 dollars in back taxes, nobody really took notice.  The IRS conducts wage garnishment, asset seizure, and other tax levying collection efforts to settle tax debt.  But in this particle tax resolution case, many Bostonians were out in the rain to get a piece of the auction – or in this case parking spot action. Read the full article –>

It has been a tough year for the IRS.  In May, a major report revealed that the IRS had unfairly targeted conservative groups, much to the chagrin of Republicans and Independents.  In June, allegations from a Treasury Department watchdog were officially released to the public, condemning the IRS for excessive spending and questionable training videos.   Read the full article –>

This is Not Just a Coincidence

The IRS Scandal 2013 has put the Obama administration in the limelight once again.  In the past year, Obama has generated heated bipartisan criticism for the State Department’s handling of the Benghazi Terrorist Attack, the Defense Department’s targeting and language of the Drone Program, and Justice Department’s investigation into the AP Employee Phone Records. Read the full article –>