IRS Solutions

IRS Solutions

IRS Penalties and Abatement/Relief

The Internal Revenue Service taxes individuals and businesses according to the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), which is also known as the “tax code.”  In the tax code, taxpayers can be subject to penalties for a variety of reasons, but the most common reasons are Failure to File and Failure to Pay.  IRS penalties can add potentially thousands of dollars to a taxpayer’s total tax debt amount, which can increase interest-based fees too.  Penalties were introduced as a way to deter delinquent taxpayers to file and pay on time.

Fortunately there are provisions in the IRC that allows for IRS Penalty Abatement.   Read the full article –>

Wage Garnishment Help

At this point you have probably been the victim of a wage garnishment from the IRS and need help immediately.  In this post we’ll review what a wage garnishment means, how to stop IRS wage garnishment, and other important details you need to know. Read the full article –>

OIC Program Overview

The Offer In Compromise program through the Internal Revenue Service can provide thousands of dollars in savings for taxpayers with a large tax debt.  But, the process is very complicated and only a fraction of offers get accepted by the IRS.  Because of the complexity of the OIC program, many taxpayers want to know what Offer In Compromise Formula will help them get their offer accepted.  Here’s a formula from a 30 year tax pro an ex-IRS veteran: Read the full article –>