Tax Refund Affordable Family Vacations 

The IRS reported that the average tax refund for 2013 was $2,790, meaning that you can finally take your family on a great vacation.  We put together the 5 best places for a family vacation that can be done on the average refund budget. Read the full article –>

Consider Your Tax Deductions When Relocating

Federal tax law allows you to deduct your moving expenses if your relocation is part of starting a new job or included in a job transfer with your current employer. To qualify, your new job location must meet the minimum distance from your old home. You must also start work at your new job or position shortly after arriving in your new location. Read the full article –>

Don’t Miss These Tax Tips

If you are getting a moving rental truck and taking your family to a new home then you need to know a few tax tips. In fact, taking advantage of the tax breaks for moving can help save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

Check out these great tips that can save you money. But remember to check the qualifications before assuming you will be able to claim these deductions on your taxes! Read the full article –>