Tax Refund Affordable Family Vacations 

The IRS reported that the average tax refund for 2013 was $2,790, meaning that you can finally take your family on a great vacation.  We put together the 5 best places for a family vacation that can be done on the average refund budget.

1. Outdoors Family Vacation in Colorado

If you want to be active on your trip there’s no better place than a family vacation in sunny Colorado.  During the summer, lots of family activities open up at Mountain locations like Vail, Keystone, Winter Park.  There you can find biking, hiking, rafting, climbing, alpine sledding, horseback riding, and other adventures.  Plus, there’s great sightseeing at places like Estes Park and the Garden of the Gods.  Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs also offer activities, dining, and sightseeing.  Best of all, flights to Denver are relatively inexpensive which makes Colorado a top place for a family vacation.

2. Theme Park Family Vacation at Disney

Summer makes way for some great Disney Vacation packages in Florida that are all inclusive, which make it easier to have a great time while going on a fixed budget.  For example, Disney Vacation currently offers a 4-days/3-nights in Orlando for a family of 4 in a Value Resort standard room Package for just $1505.*  Disney packages range from the basics of lodging and park entry to everything including flight and dining.  There are plenty of activities for kids of all ages like taking a photo with their favorite Disney characters.  For amusement park lovers, this is a great trip that will surely be memorable for the whole family.

*Limited time offer

3. Cruise Adventure Family Vacation through Summer Alaska

If you want to comfortably tour a pristine wilderness right in America’s backyard then look no further – a 7 night Alaska Cruise trip will blow you away.  Alaska offers abundant sightseeing of natural wonders in places like Denali.  From ancient, massive glaciers to waterfalls, prairies, and incredible wildlife Alaska is an unforgettable destination.  This trip will certainly be a crowd pleaser, especially since cruise ships are a great way to blend relaxation with easily accessible activities.  You may not have thought of Alaska, but in the summer it’s amazing so consider an Alaska cruise for your family vacation.

4. Beach Excursion Family Vacation in Mexico

Bienvenidos!  Mexico offers a variety of trip options for the family.  There’s the all-inclusive route, which has loads of amenities for the whole family including unlimited access to pools, beaches, games, and entertainment.  Alternatively, there are Mexico tours that let you tour ancient Mayan temples, see remote mountain villages, and walk through exotic jungles.  Either way you go, Mexico is a great experience and affordable because it’s so close to the US border!  There are great deals over the summer for a family vacation, so don’t forget that you can go on the Pacific side (like Cabo) or on the Gulf side (like Cancun).

5. Nation’s Capitol Family Vacation in D.C.

If you’re looking to relax on the beach, but not feeling like a thrill seeker, you should visit the nation’s capital in Washington D.C. for your family vacation.  It’s a beautiful place filled with history, memorable sightseeing, and great food and shopping.  Many of the sites are completely FREE like the National Mall, the National Zoo, and many monuments and other museums.  D.C. is great for saving money while getting loads of art, history, and culture for the whole family.  You could even tour Congress and the Supreme Court!  With tons of hotels and cheap flights this is a great alternative to the more typical family vacations.

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